What is Strategy4IT?

Strategy4IT is an IT assessment tool that provides a structured method to map IT systems and business applications used by different departments and product areas in order to understand where simplifications and cost savings can be made.

Why use our IT Assessment Tool?

As companies grow and begin adding products, locations and departments to their organisation, whether through merger or organic growth, their IT systems and infrastructures can become misaligned and fragmented leading to both inefficiency and higher IT costs. Strategy4IT can be used by management to expose the problem areas and define the investments and measures required to simplify and save.

Why use Strategy4IT?

  • Increase your business’s IT efficiency
  • Reduce the cost of your IT
  • Reach your business goals and optimise your performance
  • Rationalise your organisation and its processes
  • Save money by avoiding expensive consultancy
  • Use a structured method to assess your IT strategy

Who can benefit from our IT assessment tool?

  • Any firm offering multiple products or services to clients
  • Organisations with several locations and many departments
  • Companies that have recently merged or grown quickly
  • Firms facing pressure to raise profit margins and reduce cost overheads
  • CEOs, COOs and CIOs that need to define an IT vision to reach their business objectives

IT assessment tool

How does the IT assessment tool work?

  • Enter your organisation data, business processes, IT systems and current costs
  • Map this data following our simple workflow; with comprehensive guidance available at every step
  • Use the tool to produce quality reports which will help you to achieve your business goals

What can I gain from these reports?

  • Comparing your Complexity Maps with Cost Heatmaps will highlight areas for management attention
  • Comparing different reports allows you to highlight where system costs are highest to target cost savings
  • You will see how your organisation, processes and applications are correlated and how to improve them

What am I buying?

The full Professional Version of the Strategy4IT assessment tool can show where higher complexity caused by misalignment between the systems used and the processes within the organisation is driving up costs. The full set of reports provided by the professional version of the IT assessment tool can be used to highlight the areas of highest cost and complexity and match them to the contracts and support services in place in a clear overview of the whole IT landscape. It is possible to see the whole set of IT services on four easy to understand report types, each formatted with the understanding of management in mind.

The Trial Version of our IT assessment tool provides a taster of the full version with one simple view of a key complexity report. To be able to really see the areas for strategic action it is important to compare the views across the multiple report types provided by our professional tool.

Free Trial

Design IT Strategy Maps for your organisation with a free Strategy4IT account


Use the professional version to run a complete assessment of your IT landscape, for a one off payment of £250 and just £25 per month.


I am not technical, will I be able to use this IT assessment tool?

Non-IT specialists including COOs and CEOs can use the tool to assess their IT landscape in six easy to follow steps. CIOs and IT specialists can also perform the assessment to obtain simple reports that they can discuss with their management.  The output is aimed to provide overviews that can be discussed by the whole management team to agree and justify investment and savings measures without unnecessary reformatting of data.

Who uses Strategy4IT?

Strategy4IT is now used by a growing list of clients to plot their IT strategy. Companies like The Economist and Commerzbank are part of a growing user base of over 200 users of the tool – join them today.

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Is my data safe?

Your data is safe within Strategy4IT.  Our software runs on the Force.com platform provided by SalesForce in one of the biggest worldwide application hosting environments. The backing of this prestigious company assures the security of your data with reassurance of ISO27001 best practice hosting.