Strategy4IT Help – Welcome page

Overview of the Welcome Page

On this page is your Progress Report, which is represented by six dice – one for each of the six steps of your IT assessment.

How to use the screen

When you first land on this page you can begin the process by clicking on the Start Assessment button below the dice. This will take you to first step, Capture your Business Process, where you will be asked to input your organisation’s business processes.

Once a step page has been completed it will be marked with a green tick below the respective dice.

You can click on any of the completed dice and it will take you to the relevant page. It is not possible to click on a dice which is not yet marked as complete (i.e. with a red cross beneath it).

At the top of the screen in the light blue banner are the navigation icons, which track your position during the assessment process.  They are also quick links to reach different pages. Keep in mind that your assessment must first be completed following the given order, e.g. you may skip from step 3 to step 6 without first entering all the required data for the steps in between.

Browsers and navigation

To avoid the risk of any data loss, we strongly recommend you to use the Navigation Menu and click Back / Save & Continue buttons instead of using your browser go back / go forward buttons.

Strategy4IT gives the best results when browsed on Chrome and can also be viewed on Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.