Strategy4IT Help – Billing Page

Overview of the Billing Page

On this page you are required to enter your payment details.
Before entering your details make sure to read and accept Strategy4IT’s Terms & Conditions.

How to use the screen

On the central area of the page you will be asked to enter your cold holder name; please note that it doesn’t necessary needs to equal your login details.

You will then need to enter your credit card number, expiry month, expiry year, CVV number and your billing address details.

On the left-hand side of the screen you will find information on Strategy4IT’s rates, and on the right there is more information concerning the service offered. A comparison chart displays the difference between trial and professional version.

Having problem finding your CVV code? click here


Strategy4IT’s one-off fee license is £250.00, and the monthly fee is £25.00.
Prices exclude VAT.

Terms & Conditions

Please read our Billing Terms & ConditionsGeneral Terms&Conditions and Privacy Statement.


1. Why do my credit card details fields remain empty once I click update?
You are free to change your credit card number and billing details any time by visiting “My Account” page once you are logged in.
2. How are the payments processed and managed?
Strategy4IT uses Paypal to manage your payments.
3. My credit card details are not the same as my personal details, can I change them?
You are free to change your personal or billing details at any time.
4. I want to use my company credit card to pay, can I do it?
It is fine to use a company credit card; remember to enter your company credit card billing address, which will probably be different from the one you registered with.