Strategy4IT Help – Account

How to use the screen.
The My Account page stores all your profile details including basic information and payment details, and is structured in four main sections:

1. Basic Information
In this section you will see all the details previously inserted during the registration process.
To edit any field, just click on it and then click on the Update button .

2. Plan & Payment Details
This section stores your billing information.
If you want to use another credit card to complete your payments you can do it by inserting the new details and clicking Update.

3. Payment History
To view and download your invoice click the link below Invoice Number.

4. Change Password
You can change your password at any time, just fill in the fields in the Change Password section and click Update.

Terms & Conditions

Click here to read our T&Cs.

1. Why do the credit card detail fields remain empty once I click update?
For security concerns we do not display your credit card information.

2. Can the billing address be different from my basic information address?

3. Can I delete my account and my subscription?
Users can cancel their subscription at any time without incurring extra fees.