Strategy4IT Help – Step 4a

Overview of Step 4a – Enter your preferences

In this step you need to setup your reporting preferences, such as Current Financial Year, Financial Reporting Currency and Reporting Symbol.

How to use the screen.

Financial Year and Reporting Currency can be selected by clicking on the dropdown list. By default their values will be the current year and British Sterling.


Financial Year: the period selected for accounting purposes.
Financial Reporting Currency ISO: currency codes in ISO 4217 standard.
Reporting Symbol: strictly related to the ISO list, e.g. €, £, $.
Financial Format: how numbers are separated by denominations of thousands.

How to setup your reporting preferences

Strategy4IT currently allows you to enter cost data for the financial year of your choice.  In order to initiate the system and to setup your initial preferences we need you to specify your preferred financial currency for entering cost data and the current year that you are analysing and save it on this screen.  Your reports will default to use the data saved on this screen but you can return here to change the defaults at any time.  You will need to save on this screen for every year for which you wish to enter reporting data.

How to manage different financial years

Strategy4IT let the user save his own costs data according to different years. Therefore when selecting the year of preference be aware that you should be ready to enter its own cost figures in the next coming step (4c). 


1)I want to enter more than one year of cost data, how do I do that?
If you want to enter data for more than one year, for example, you want to compare costs from this year to last year you must first set the year on this screen, save it and then proceed to the subsequent stages to enter the systems and costs.  When you have entered and saved the cost data for the first year please then return here to this screen and set up the following year by changing the preference and saving it.  We have separated this stage of the setup process as in future releases of Strategy4IT you will also be able to enter other data such as the systems list by year.
2) We budget in multiple currencies can we enter data in multiple currencies?
Strategy4IT requires all costs in one currency, we recommend that you convert the amounts to one currency before entering the data this will allow correct cost comparisons in the tool.
3) Can Strategy4IT also save my organisational structure and systems list by years?
This is planned for future releases of Strategy4IT, at this stage you can only save cost data for multiple years.  You can however add additional systems to the list to cover all years that interest you and if needed set the costs for that year to zero. 
4) My currency code is not in the list?
We have tried to include all the global currencies but if for any reason yours is not there please contact us and we will set the currency up for you.