Automation of Consulting and Decision Making Processes

photo credit: NightRStar via photopin cc

photo credit: NightRStar via photopin cc

In the early days of IT we saw the simple capture of data and automation of basic repetitive processes – frankly by around the 1990s this wave of automation was largely complete. We have seen in the subsequent years the rise of the automation of reporting and monitoring systems. It is now time for the automation of decision making. All around from the rise of Big Data to the social network, semi-automated decision making processes are now enabling sound decision making, e.g. where to invest money, who to connect with on Linkedin to where to have lunch.

At cibsys and Strategy4IT we firmly believe that automation can reduce the consulting burden, too. All good consultants come with a method and an approach to problem solving and we are no exception. Last year we launched to capture the first stage of our overall decision support methods in an automated and repeatable process with the potential to both massively help decision making and cut the data cost of gathering the data needed to make it.


I hesitate to advertise about the competition but one of the biggest consulting firms in the world has recently decided to follow us (well I would like to think they have) proving that this idea is picked up more widely. For those interested, please take a look at this excellent Harvard Business Review article – Consulting on the Cusp of Disruption? on the topic.


We can offer our clients an innovative and modern approach to their challenges with a keen price while not paying for big name brands.

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