Our IT strategy tool performs a complete information technology assessment for your company.  Build your IT vision today.

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What is Strategy4IT?

An IT strategy tool that provides a structured method to:

  • Map the IT systems used by different departments, products, and locations to your business processes
  • Understand where simplifications and cost savings can be made
  • Capture your IT applications and map your costs
  • Build your IT vision, see how to simplify and save


Why use our IT Strategy Tool?

    Creating your IT vision with our tool enables you to:

  • Increase your IT efficiency
  • Reach your business goals and optimise your performance
  • Rationalise your organisation and business processes
  • Save money by avoiding expensive consultancy

What can our IT Strategy Tool Deliver?

Access a range of clear and flexible reports:

  • Powerful one page reports
  • IT cost heatmaps to optimise your IT spend
  • IT complexity maps to see how to simplify your systems
  • IT license and support maps to tune your IT procurement